“Our Premature Babies” and Performance Yarn are supporting of premature babies

Your projects: Art jewelery and dolls from Kumbata
Knitted handbags
Your Projects: The art of knitted handbags by Dima Handmade

We are happy that our friends from “Our Premature Babies” have started an initiative “Let’s knit and stitch for our premature babies”.
You can have a look at everything about this wonderful initiative at www.premature-bg.com. In case you wanted to contribute to the cause and give warmth to a baby you can visit the organisation’s Facebook page “Lets knit and stitch for premature born babies”

The items you can submit for the initiative are of the following types:
– Covers for couveuse
– Knitted hats
– Knitted octopuses
– Knitted slippers

And here are some photos of octopuses made using Performance Yarns: Cotton QueenCotton Queen MultiCotton Queen Multijacquard.

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