Knitted handbags

Your Projects: The art of knitted handbags by Dima Handmade

Did you know that knitted handbags are the top summer trend. That is why we would like to share with you photos of Dima Handmade’s awesome […]

“Our Premature Babies” and Performance Yarn are supporting of premature babies

We are happy that our friends from “Our Premature Babies” have started an initiative “Let’s knit and stitch for our premature babies”. You can have a […]

Your projects: Art jewelery and dolls from Kumbata

We would like to introduce to you products made with Performance Yarn from the workshop atelier Kumbata. Especially interesting are the authentic handheld accessories that have […]

Your projects: Wonderful embroidery lace of fine crochet yarn

Zhelka is a knitter who definitely knows how to use crochet yarn. We present to you Cotton Harmony, suitable hooks or needle size 1.5mm. In a […]