Children’s Coloured Cardigan – free crochet instruction

Shawl “Nature” made with Wollinen – Free pattern
Sleeveless top – free crochet instruction

Children’s Coloured Cardigan


Yarn: Performance Yarn Linen Touch (80% cotton/ 20% linen) 50 gr./65 m., 6 balls, color 9073




  • Crochet hook – № 4,5


During crocheting try on the cardigan to make sure it is the correct size.



Double crochet – DC

Increase – Inc

Decrease – Dec


Work in a circle according to Diagram 1:


Diagram 1

Make 10 Rounds

In Rnd 11 make openings for the sleeves (Fig 1): finish ¼ of the rund plus 4 or 5 DC, crochet 16 chain stitches, skip 16 stitches and from 17th stitch on continue crocheting according to Diagram 1 (follow the previous round and make increases in the corresponding stitches).


Fig. 1

Make the openings for the sleeves symmetrical.

Continue with 9 more rounds according to Diagram 1.


Sleeves (2):

Start crocheting from the sleeve openings:

Rnd 1-18: 1DC in each stitch

Rnd 19: (1SC, 1Dec) repeat till the end of the round

Rnd 20 – 25: SC in each stitch


Sew on a button at the front or weave in a lace and your cardigan is ready!

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