Crochet Top with Cotton Mate – free crochet instruction

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Granny Square – crochet scheme



Yarn: Cotton Mate by Performance Yarn – 50% cotton/50% acrilyc

Gauge: 10cm x 10cm = 26 stiches x 34 rows

Size: XS-S

Main Pattern: work according to chart. Work rows 1 and 2 once, then repeat rows 3-6 throughout.

Back: ch 101  + 3 t-ch, then work in main pat according to chart. Beg chart pat with sts before pat rep, work 20-st pat repeat 4 times, end with sts after pat rep.

When back measures approx. 20½  cm, after having worked a chart row 6, fasten off.

Front: work same as for back.

Finishing:  pin pieces to measurements and block with damp towels.Sew shoulder seams approx. 3¼  [8cm] in from each shoulder edge.

Sew side seams approx. 13½ cm up from lower edge.




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