Fancy Cape – free crochet instruction

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Fancy Cape

Size: unisize

Yarn used: PERFORMANCE YARN Cotton Harmony, 200 gr.

Colour: 0302

Hook: 1,5 mm

Designer: PERFORMANCE YARN, all rights reserved

Pattern: This pattern represents a lady’s cape composed of 70 small triangles.


Pattern diagram and sketch:

The diagram fully represents one small triangle. 70 identical triangles are needed for the cape. The sketch is showing how to arrange the triangles when all of them are ready.



Start working from the middle of the pattern. Form a chain composed by 8 chain stitches. Form a circle of this chain and close it with a slip stitch. Make 3 chain stitches to start the first row. Follow the diagram in round direction from right to left to perform the rows.

You must make 3 chain stitches every time you have finished a row and you have to pass to the next one. The passage to every next row is marked with a slip stitch in the diagram.  Perform the rows reading the sketch in round from right to left repeating the symbols till finishing each row.

Follow the diagram performing the symbols as follows


After all the 70 triangles are completed, arrange them as indicated in the assembling sketch. Connect each triangle to the other by single crochets. Wash your crochet work gently manually with mild soap and lukewarm water. Dry it flat.

Happy crocheting!

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