Free model: Autumn leaves with Linen Blend

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Disigner: Vera Ilieva

We love autumn and the countless shades of red, yellow, brown, orange and green, bringing so much coziness and warmth. And since autumn is already here, we decided to surprise you with this free pattern of knitted leaves. You can make them in different sizes and color combinations and use them as home décor, coasters, gift wrapping decoration or as a gift for someone you love.

We made the leaves in three colors – golden yellow, burgundy and green. You can find them in the Linen Blend colorway.

The leaves are worked back and forth on needle. You can use straight needles, circular needles or even double pointed needles.

Measurements: Approx. 10 x 16 cm. Size can be easily adjusted by decreasing the number of rows where you increase the number of stitches. Thus you will automatically have fewer rows with decreasing the number of stitches and the size of the leaf will be smaller.

Yarn: Linen Blend (50% cotton; 50% linen); 80 m/50 gr.

Colors used for the models: 152, 190 and 22.

For making on leaf you will need approx. 8 gr. (13 m) of yarn. One skein is enough to knit 6 leaves.

Needles: You can use straight needles, circular needles or even double pointed needles. Needles size – 3.50 mm.


Knit stitch: Knit all stitches on the right side and purl all stitches on the wrong side.

Garter stitch: Knit all stitches on both sides.


Stitches and abbreviations:

k – knit stitch

p – purl stitch

M1R – Make 1 Right – To work a right-leaning strand increase or M1R, pick up the strand from the back with your left needle tip, going towards the right, and knit into the front loop. You might have to give the loop a little tug to make it easier to work into.

M1L – Make 1 Left – To work a left-leaning strand increase or M1L, pick up the strand from the back with the right needle tip going towards the left, place the strand on left-hand needle, and knit into the back loop.

ssk – slip, slip, knit – Slip 1 stitch as if to knit, slip the next stitch as if to knit, then put left needle back into the slipped stitches and knit them together. This will create a decrease leaning to the left.

k2tog – knit two together – Insert the right knitting needle through the first two stitches on the left knitting needle from left to right. Knit them together.

CDD – central double decrease – This is also known as S2KP2, or sl 2-k1-p2sso. Slip the first two stitches on the left needle together as if to k2tog. Knit the third stitch and pass the two slipped stitches over.


Cast-on: 3 stitches

Row 1-6: K all stitches.

Row 7: K1; M1R; K1; M1L; K1

Row 8: K2; P1; K2

Row 9: K2; M1R; K1; M1L; K2

Row 10 and all even rows until Row 44 incl: K2; purl all stitches until 2 stitches remain on row; K2

Row 11:K3; M1R; K1; M1L; K3

Row 13: K4; M1R; K1; M1L; K4

Row 15: K5; M1R; K1; M1L; K5

Row 17: K6; M1R; K1; M1L; K6

Row 19: K7; M1R; K1; M1L; K7

Row 21: K8; M1R; K1; M1L; K8

Row 23: K9; M1R; K1; M1L; K9

Row 25: K10; M1R; K1; M1L; K10

Row 27: K all

Row 29, 31, 33, 35, 37, 39, 41, 43: K2; ssk; knit all until 4 stitches remain on row; k2tog; K2

Row 45: K2; cdd; K2

Row 46: K1; p1; K1.

Row 47: cdd

Cast-off: Cut the yarn leaving a 10 cm tail. Pull through the last loop and tighten.

Blocking: Block the leaves by ironing them, steaming them or stretch them wet on a blocking mat to fix their shape.

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