Naturalica Spring Cardigan

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Naturalica Spring Cardigan is an easy, beginner friendly, drop shoulder open cardigan knit in eyele stitch. The back and front panels are knited separately and then seamed together. The sleeves are made from
picking up stitches and knitting in a round. The cardigan is meant to fit a bit oversized because of construction of sleeves and I used 5 cm positive ease.

Many thanks to Cute Crochet Love for this pattern!


Size M (91cm-98cm bust)

What you need:

Yarn Performance Naturalica color 2015-450g
Needled 4.5mm, 4 mm
Stitch marker tape, measure scissors, tapestry needle
Guage 20sts per 25 row(after blocking in stockinette stitch)


1×1 rib -K1, P1 BO -bind off CO-cast on
K2TOG-knit two stitches together
PUK-pick up and knit
YO-yarn over
RS-right side
WS-wrong side


Eyelet stitch

Cast on multiple of 6+1 ROW1(RS): K ROW2(WS): P

Front panels: make 2
With circular needle 4.5mm using long-tail cast on method 43 stitches
Work 1×1 rib(K1,P1) FOR 5 cm
Set up row(WS): P to end
Repeat rows 1-8 for 48 cm ending after row 4 or 8.
Bind off loosely on RS of the work.
Panel in total is 53 cm length.

Back panel

With circular needle 4.5mm using long-tail cast on method 126 stitches

Work 1×1 rib for 5cm
Start working in stockinette stitch ( one row knit,one row purl)
for 48 cm.
Back panel is in total 53 cm length.
Bind off loosely on RSof the work.

Once you knit the back and fronts,seam the shoulders together at the top of the work. Place the front panels and the back on top of each other,with the ribbing at the bottom,making sure the pieces line up evenly. Thread your
tapestry needle with same yarn and sew across. Do the same on the side of the work,leaving 22cm for armholes.

Using 4 mm needle size start picking up stitiches from the right side of the work. For the ribbing pick up every stitch ,and when you get to eyelete part then pick up 3 stitches,skip . On the back pick up every stitch,again lace part pick up 3 stitches,skip 1,again ribbing pick up every stitch. That will make nice,flat beginig for collar.
In total of 238 stitches
Start making 1*1 rib for 12 cm.
Bind off loosely.

Pick up 102 stitches.
Working with 4 mm needle knit in round for 20 cm.

Start decrease:
ROW1: k2tog all the way around(total 51 stitches)
ROW2:Knit all round till last 2 stitches,k2tog(50 stitches)

ROW3:Knit all the way around.
Start 1*1 rib for 3 cm.
Bind off loosely.
Sleeves are 24 cm long.
Finishing: Weave in all loose ends.

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