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v-neck vest

Yarn: Naturalica – Performance Yarns – 7 skeins
Needles: 3,25 mm and 3,5 mm

v-neck vest
Cast on 112 sts on 3.25 mm needles and make 2×2 ribbing for 14 rows while the first two sts on each side of the rows form I-cord.
Change needles at row 15 and knit straight. Continue forming the I-cord edge for another 6 rows.
Put markers at both sides of row 94 for the armhole reference. Continue knitting for another 58 rows.
At row 153 cast off the central 20 sts and work both shoulders separately. To for the drop shoulder cast off at the beginning of each end: 13, 13, 14 sts.
The neck forming: after casting off the 20 sts, form the following at each end of the neck: cast off 3, 1, 1 sts
Cast on 112 sts on needles 3.25 mm and work 2х2 ribbing and simultaneously forming the I-cord edges. At row 14 (WS) add evenly 11 sts and purl the whole row = 123 sts.
At row 15 change needles to 3.5 mm and distribute the charts as follows:
1 salvage st, p1, Chart 1, p2, Chart 2, p7, Chart 3, p7, Chart 4, p7, Chart 3, p7, Chart 2, p2, Chart 1, p1, 1 salvage st
Following the charts continue knitting straight for 90 rows. At row 91 we separate the front in two in order to form the V-neck as follows:
LEFT FRONT: work 58 sts, k2tog, k1 and turn on the WS. Thus, we decrease at each RS for 10 times and then at every other RS for another 10 times. Don’t forget to put markers at the edges of row 94.
The last decrease is at row 149 = 41 sts left. Work straight till row 158 incl. At row 159 we start forming the drop shoulders in three steps: casting off at the beginning of each row respectively: 13 sts, 14 sts, 14 sts.
RIGHT FRONT: Put the central sts on a marker or a thread.
RS: k1, ssk, work till the end. And thus decreasing the same pace as the left front.
Join shoulders and sew the panels up to the sleeve markers. Take 3.25 mm needles and staring from the left shoulder – (RS) – cast on 132 sts. Don’t forget to add the central st that we left on a marker. Work 2×2 ribbing and at the central part of the V – make the following decrease: k2tog, ssk. Continue with the ribbing and make the decrease every other row. Total rows – 9. Row 10 – casting off
With needles 3.25 mm and staring at the armpits cast on 92 sts. Put a marker at the beginning of the row. Row 1 – make 2×2 ribbing. Row 2: Work until 3 sts left, wrap and turn the work. Make the wrong side again until 3 sts left. Wrap and turn. Repeat these two short rows one more time. Resume work in the round at RS and make total of 9 rows. At row 10 – cast off.

chart v-neck vest

v-neck vest chart 4

legend chart

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