Cotton Xtra

Creative Crochet Kit-Happy Forest Owl
Cotton Queen Multi
Cotton Xtra 01Cotton Xtra 01Cotton Xtra 02Cotton Xtra 02Cotton Xtra 109Cotton Xtra 109Cotton Xtra 136Cotton Xtra 136Cotton Xtra 161Cotton Xtra 161Cotton Xtra 172Cotton Xtra 172Cotton Xtra 179Cotton Xtra 179Cotton Xtra 186Cotton Xtra 186Cotton Xtra 19Cotton Xtra 19Cotton Xtra 193Cotton Xtra 193Cotton Xtra 217Cotton Xtra 217Cotton Xtra 227Cotton Xtra 227Cotton Xtra 231Cotton Xtra 231Cotton Xtra 25Cotton Xtra 25Cotton Xtra 29Cotton Xtra 29Cotton Xtra 81Cotton Xtra 81Cotton Xtra 98Cotton Xtra 98


This yarn is definitely our bestseller. Rich, vibrant colours in а cable structure made of Egyptian cotton. Gassed and mercerised to achieve smooth and shiny look.

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Weight 50 g

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