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Final measurements of the sweater, suitable for bust circumference 90-96 cm:

Length 51 сm
Width: 49 сm
Neck band: 6 сm
Sleeve – 60 сm

Necessary materials:

Used Yarn: Cool Wool  – 500 gr
Needles: 3,75 mm и 4 mm
8 markers

Project is knitted in two strandstop-down knitting in the round

Gauge on 4 mm: 21 sts х 28 rows в 10 cm
PM – put a marker
M1 – make one
RS – right side
WS – wrong side
K3tog – knit three together
Sssk – slip, slip, slip, knit three stitches together

Patterns used:

2 х 2 ribbing: k2, p2
Main pattern: by chart
“I” knit; “ – “purl; “X” – change the place of the following 2 sts rightways, knit them

Raglan line: k3

Cast on 124 sts on needles 3.75 mm and work in round 2×2 ribbing for 18 rows. Change the needles to 4 mm and work 1 row purl and at the same time putting markers for the body and the sleeves as per chart.

36 back, PM, 3 raglan, PM, 15 sleeve, PM, 3 raglan, PM, 46 front, PM, 3 raglan, PM, 15 sleeve, PM, 3 raglan, PM The marker at the beginning of the row is preferably to be of a different colour. Work the main pattern,
not including the raglan lines.

The first 10 rows are worked shortened so that the depth of the neck is formed. The beginning of the row starts with a M1, work back 36 sts, M1, raglan line (3 sts), M1 and then work only the first 3 sts of
the sleeve and turn. Continue the WS finishing with the first 3 sts of the other sleeve. Turn. Continue with the short rows turning at the marked places in both sleeves and making increases before and after
the raglan line ONLY in the RS. When finishing with the short rows in the sleeves, continue forming the front neck again with short rows – three times at each side, not touching the central 10 sts.
After finishing with the neck forming, continue work in the round and increasing every other row at both sides of all raglan lines until back and front reach 80 sts each, and sleeves 53 sts. Continue
increases for back/front every other row, while increases for the are made every 3rd row. When front and back reach 100 sts each it is time to separate the body from the sleeves.
NOTE: the raglan sts will be separated as follows: 2 sts are added to the body, 1 st added to sleeve. Work the back sts, place the sleeve sts on a separate needle or waste thread, cast on 6 sts, work the
front sts, cast on 6 sts. Close the round – total 220 sts. Continue straight down to the desired length. Change needles to 3.75 mm and work 2×2 ribbing for 20 rows. Cast off.

SLEEVES – worked identically

Replace the sts from the thread on a 4 mm and cast on 10 sts from the 6 additional sts. The additional 4 sts are for preventing possible holes. Work 1 row. A decrease is made in the following rows as follows:
Reaching the central 10 armpit sts: sssk, work 4, k3tog – 4 sts decreased. On the next row: sssk, work 2, k3tog – 4 sts decreased. And the third row: sssk, k3tog. Total sts decreased in the three rows – 10.
Continue work in the round until desired length is reached. In the last ow decrease evenly 22 sts – 48 sts left. Change to 3.75 mm and work 2×2 ribbing for 20 rows. Cast off.
Handwash and block on a flat surface

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