Bulk orders and wholesale information

Bulgaria-K JSC is a manufacturer with rich experience and history in yarn production. The company was established in the distant 1931, and over the years has continuously expanded and refined its production and technological capacities.

Bulgaria-K JSC is a major manufacturer of yarns for world-famous brands. We have proven to all our partners uncompromising professionalism in service and the perfect quality of the products we offer. We have hundreds of our own yarn designs and developments that are popular worldwide and that dictate fashion trends in the market.

Our company has developed a full production cycle from the technological design and development, trough the twisting processes, dyeing (linear, vector), confection, packaging and final product design.

Thanks to the company’s investment policy and unceasing enthusiasm, today we have a good reason to share with everyone that Bulgaria-K JSC is a world leader and PERFORMANCE YARN is a “child” of all these years of work, innovation and precision.

PERFORMANCE YARN is our trademark that provides easy access to a selection of the finest yarns to traders and retailers all over the world.

Bulk Order Discounts:

For orders over €100 you’ll receive 10% discount.

For orders over €200 you’ll receive 15% discount.


For retailers, shop owners and wholesalers that would like to buy large amounts of yarn we have special terms and price list for shopping with us.

For more information, contact us through our contact form.